Student Systems

Course Groups

How to Upload Course Groups

  1. In EUCLID > Student > Engagement, select Upload from File Course Groups and Register
  2. Click on the Course Groups button
  3. Click on Choose file and select the CSV template you created for the corresponding Course Groups


Course Group Template


Important Notes about uploading the Course Group file
  • The upload is All or Nothing. This means, when you run the process for a given course code this will replace ALL of the Groups and the Registers will be removed. If you need to change the details for one Course Group, you must upload ALL the data for that Course Group first and then all of the Registers. You can use the timetabling guidance to quickly re-populate and upload the files when required.
  • If there is more than one Tutor for the group then the load will expect there to be two rows in the file.
  • The upload can be used to upload more than one course a time.
  • If two rows have the same Course Code/Group Code / Tutor these will be ignored and only one group Tutor created.
  • If a group code starts with ALL there is no need to upload a register afterwards as subsequent processing will assume that this group includes everyone registered on a course. This list will update automatically if students enrol on the course or withdraw.
  • The following validation is run on the file. The file wil not upload until any validation errors have been fixed, so please ensure:
    • All template fields are mandatory and have been populated
    • Course Code is valid and active
    • Group Code is the correct length (10 characters)
    • Group Code name is the correct length (150 characters)
    • The Tutor's UUN is valid in EUCLID as an active member of staff. Please see Access to Record Attendance for more information.
  • If you are unable to upload your file, or you need help, please send an email to