Student Systems

Scholarship Application Management Roles

Actions performed within the Scholarship Application Management portal are permitted to staff with the relevant access.

View Access

View only access will provide the ability to access the Application Management System to search and view scholarship applications only. No further actions are permitted within the system.

Screening Access (Also referred to as Administrative Access)

In addition to searching and viewing scholarship applications, screening access will enable the following:

  • change application status
  • record an application recommendation
  • record an application rank and/or score
  • add notes to assist with decision making
  • upload documentation


Decision Making Access (Also referred to as Management Access)

This access is only required if you are responsible for notifying applicants of the outcome of their application to a particular scholarship fund.

In addition to all screening access, this access will enable the following:

  • inform the applicant of an award
  • inform the applicant that they are on the reserve list
  • inform the applicant that they have been unsuccessful