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Finding Staff Code in Euclid

The Staff Code is a twelve digit numeric code and should not be confused with the six digit University Staff Number issued by HR. Follow these steps to locate a Staff Code within Euclid.

At the bottom of the Euclid Home Page you will find a container entitled Personnel Lookup Tool.


Select the option Personnel Details:

staff code 1


You will be presented with a search menu, the minimum details to enter here are Forename and Surname of the staff member whose details you are searching for, however to restrict the search further, you may also enter the College or School details:


staff code 2

For example, I am searching for the Staff Code for Honey Flower and I know there is only one individual with this name working at the University. I would enter Honey in the forename field and Flower in the Surname field and select Retrieve.

If I knew there was more than one individual called  Honey Flower, I could additionally enter the College or School for the individual I am searching for.

The value Staff Code will be returned in the Staff Code field, it is a twelve digit numeric code and not to be confused with University Staff Number.