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Request of Change to Student's Programme details

Information on the types of programme changes available and the process involved in each.

Quick Guide

Submitting a request will send an email confirming the contents of the completed form to the Student and if applicable, the email address supplied on the request. It is imperative, therefore, that the information supplied is correct, to prevent any misunderstandings.

Change of Programme of study

When requesting a programme change please remember the key points below:

  • This request should be completed if the student is changing their programme of study. Please use this part of the form if, as a result of the change of programme, the student is also changing their year and/or mode of study.
  • If a change to the mode of study means that the student will be studying on "mixed methods", please enter the new expected prescribed period, new maximum end date, and new prescribed end date in the "Additional Information" box.
  • Please use the "Additional Information" box to include any supplementary details.

Year of study only

This request should be used when a student changes only their year of study, and not the actual programme on which they are registered. A change of year of study in this context will likely mean a repeat year and does not mean the annual academic progression from one year to the next (which is automatic).

Mode of study only

When requesting a 'mode of study' change please remember the key points below:

  • Often a change to the mode of study will entail a change of programme too, especially for postgraduate programmes (the mode of study forms part of many programme codes). You are required to enter the new programme where this is the case.
  • If the student will be studying on "mixed methods", i.e. changing from part-time to full-time or vice versa, please enter the details in the boxes provided.

Interruption of study/Withdrawal

When requesting an interruption please remember the key points below:

  • interruptions of study are by definition temporary and therefore a specific start-date, and anticipated end-date, are required.
  • interruption cannot be backdated more than 30 days.
  • interruptions must be entered on the form as they arise, and under UKVI rules. Please click on the link below to view the rules:

UK Government Tier 4 visa guidance

Undergraduate Study Away/Postgraduate Leave of Absence

Please use the 'Additional Information' box to include any supplementary details.


When requesting an extension please remember the key points below:

  • extensions normally apply to Postgraduate students only.
  • extensions are normally made to the student's maximum end-date.
  • please ensure that the period of extension you are about to confirm runs from the end of the programme date.
  • please check the student's current programme maximum end-date. If you believe the existing programme end date is incorrect, please contact the Student Records Team  using the details below:

Student Records

Contact details

Thesis submitted

When a research student submits their thesis for examination, please confirm the exact date of submission so that the student's record can be amended to reflect their status as 'thesis submitted'.

Re-submission of thesis

When requesting a re-submission of thesis please remember the key points below:

  • as above, Student Records Team need to know the exact date of re-submission of a research student's thesis.
  • please notify us of the Regulation under which the thesis is being re-submitted (I.E. DRPS Regulation 4.1.8 (e) and (g)), as well as the number of months of extension: this is vital for ensuring the correct fees are charged.