Student Systems

Maintain letter variables

View guidance on maintaining letter variable such as as College letterheads, Signatures and Examiner expenses amounts as a 'PGR Thesis workflow' 'Super User'.

This tool allows you to maintain College specific information that will appear on the letterheads and signatures, including College specific expense amounts.

You can access this in the 'Postgraduate Lifecycle' container, and see links specific to the College you are attached to:

Image of letter variable container

Critical information can be maintained here per College.

College Letterhead details

Key the details you see in the screen.

Mandatory fields are indicated by the red asterix.

All of these details will be printed on the 'Letterhead.'

Image of letter maintenance edit screen


You can upload an electronic signature here to be used on each letter generated from the College.

Select the staff member from dynamic search field.

Upload the matching electronic signature for selected staff member and click 'Save'.

Examiner expenses amount

Inside the letter variables is where each College can maintain the expenses amount examiners can claim for. This is used as a data tag inside the letters when being generated.

Image of letter variable examiner amount