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An overview: Mobility Online

View guidance on the overall process for Exchange Coordinators using the Mobility Online software.

Image of the mobility online software icon

You can access Mobility Online via the link below

Mobility Online login

The flow chart below provides an overview of your application process for exchange programmes using our 'Mobility Online' software.

Please note this workflow relates to School level exchanges only.

Image of Exchange co-ordinators Mobility Online workflow

A guide to the colour codes can be seen below:

  • Yellow : examples of typical pipeline tasks undertaken by Exchange Co-ordinators within 'Mobility Online'.
  • Blue : Exchange Coordinator tasks managed outside of the 'Mobility Online' system.
  • Red: tasks undertakern by the Go Abroad team within 'Mobility Online'.

The flow chart maps from the point that you have accessed the 'Mobility Online' software and the tasks you are required to undertake with each application, using the 'pipeline' tasks.

The 'Mobility Online' software allows you to do the following:

  • view application(s) for your area
  • print applications
  • approve/reject an applications
  • allocate study places
  • offer alternative study periods and programmes

Reference links

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Help and support

For help and support using the 'Mobility Online' software, please contact us on the email details below, or on extension. 514000 if your query is urgent.

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