Student Systems

Online Course Enrolment

Use our software to enrol students onto courses using the DPT validated or non-validated routes. 

Academic and nominated administrative staff will be able to view and maintain student course enrolments using the Assessment tab in the Student Hub.  To do so, select the Edit button located just above the list of current course enrolments.


Student Hub Assessment Tab
Course enrolments can be edited in the Student Hub's Assessment tab by clicking the 'Edit' button


If the student is in year two or above of their programme of study, you will be prompted to select the academic year that you want to edit enrolments for. Choose the current academic year; you will then be presented with a table entitled 'Programme for a Student', below. From this page, you will be able to:

  • View the Published DPT for a student’s Programme of Study by clicking the programme's name, as indicated below
  • View the student’s Course Enrolment Status
  • Submit Course Enrolments validated by the DPT rules
  • Edit Course Enrolments without DPT validation
  • View the Student’s Timetable, either using the 'Semester 1' and 'Semester 2' links or via the 'Web Timetable' link indicated below


Programme for a Student screen in EUCLID
The Programme for a Student screen allows you to choose to add enrolments validated by the student's DPT, or to take the non-validated route.


In some cases, it is necessary to generate the student's enrolments before amendments can be made. This is a required step if the programme's DPT is not set up to seed compulsory courses automatically or if seeding has not taken place for this student. If the student's enrolments need to be generated, a message will be displayed in the 'Course Enrolment (validated by DPT rules)' column and a 'Generate Enrolments' link will show under 'Course Enrolment Status'.


Programme for a Student screen in EUCLID for a student whose course enrolments need to be generated prior to adding elective courses.
Enrolments may need to be generated before elective courses can be added.


Clicking the 'Generate course enrolment' link will enrol the student in any courses listed as compulsory in the DPT for their programme of study and prepare the background records needed to enable their enrolment in elective courses. You will now be able to enrol the student in their chosen elective courses using either the 'DPT Validated Enrolment' route, or the 'Edit Course Enrolments' option.