Student Systems

Scaling marks

Mark scaling, or Standard-setting, is a moderation process whereby decisions are made about boundaries or 'cut points' between the marks/grades of students on a course. Scaling is optional and currently used by a small number of schools on specific courses.

To scale marks you need access to the Mark Scaling Tool and the course needs to be activated for scaling.

To request access please email with details of who needs access and what course instances need to be activated.

Once you have access you'll find the Mark Scaling Tool under the Assessment & Progression container in EUCLID.

Below you'll find more guidance on scaling, including how to scale and how to remove it once it's been applied.

Scaling methods

Details of the scaling methods currently supported in EUCLID. 

How to scale marks

Marks are scaled in the Mark Scaling Tool. Once you have scaled marks, you must calculate the course results in the Assessment Hub.

Changing scaled marks

If an assessment has already been scaled and you need to change the marks you'll need to remove the scaling in order to calculate a new course result.

Remove scaling

You need to remove the scaling if it no longer applies, or if you need to change marks for an item, component or assessment that's already been scaled.