Student Systems

Resits for professional purposes

Resits for professional purposes are not currently supported in the Assessment Hub. To manage this scenario you'll need to store the resit mark outside of the system.

Resits for professional purposes are where the student must achieve above a certain mark/grade for reasons like accreditation from a professional body.

Although the student needs to achieve above this level for professional purposes it's still the first sit mark that should generally count towards the degree classification. For this reason the first sit mark should remain in the Assessment Hub and should not be replaced with a resit mark.

You’ll therefore need to manage the resit for professional purposes outside the system. This includes calculating, recording and communicating the resit mark.

Credits on aggregate

If the student has failed the course but meets the criteria in the taught assessment regulations then credits can be awarded on aggregate.

To process credits on aggregate you need to change the grade for the first sit to CA (Fail) or UA (Force Fail). For guidance see Change grades

The first sit mark will then be included for award classification calculations and the credits for the course will be included for progression.

The student's transcript will display the first sit mark along with the CA/UA grade.

Replacing first sit and manually calculating the classification

Some schools choose to replace the first sit mark with the resit one and then manually calculate the award classification and change this in Progression & Awards.

Please note that with this scenario it's the resit mark that will show on the student's record and transcript/HEAR documents.

If you're managing it this way you'll need to ensure notes are left in Progression & Awards to make it clear why the classification differs to what the system calculates. Otherwise it could be confusing if you come back to review the record later on and the classification doesn't match the results.