Student Systems

Enter resit marks

You can enter or import resit marks in the Enter Marks screen. If you're calculating the final course result outside the system you'll need to enter this for each individual student via the little i buttons.

For assessments with an "identical" reassessment type you can enter marks at the item or assessment level.  

For those with a "different" reassessment type you can only enter marks at the assessment level.

In the Enter Marks screen you can choose to enter marks via:

  • Grid entry
  • Import from a CSV file
  • Barcode/individual entry

Double marking is not available in resit.

Unsupported resit scenarios

If you have an unsupported resit scenario you need to calculate the course result outside APT and enter this via the student's little i button.

Instructions for entering marks by each of these methods is covered in the pages below.

Grid entry

Grid entry allows you to manually key item or assessment marks for multiple students.

Import marks

You can import marks from a CSV file for items or assessments from the Enter Marks screen.

Barcode/individual entry

You can scan marks using a barcode reader or use this option to manually key marks for one student at a time.

Add or amend final mark (via little i button)

You can add or change the final course result for a student through their little i button.