Student Systems

Additional attempts

If a student is allowed more than two attempts the third attempt usually falls into the next academic year. If the third attempt will be completed in the same academic year you'll need to manage this outside the system.

More than two attempts in the same academic year

If a student fails their first sit and resit and is allowed to sit again for a third (or fourth) time within the same academic year, this cannot be fully supported in the Assessment Hub.

You'll need to replace the resit (second attempt) marks with the third sit marks. You'll then need to keep track of that second attempt you replaced outside the system as it won't be saved in the Assessment Hub.

As you replace the resit (second attempt) results with the third attempt ones these are the results that will show on the student's transcript and HEAR documents.

You may want to leave course notes to explain the situation.

More than two attempts in different academic years

The more common scenario is the student is allowed to resit for a third time but this will be done in the next academic year.

In this case you should:

  • Process the first sit and resit (1st and 2nd attempts) in the current academic year
  • Enrol the student in the same course for the following year
  • If any marks are to be carried forward into the third attempt you'll need to manually copy these from the current year into the next year's record
  • Once you have the third attempt marks available enter these into the new course enrolment
  • You may want to leave course notes to explain the situation

Depending on what the assessments look like for these resitting students you may find it useful to use the Groups function.

This would allow you to set up a different set of assessments for just these students and keep them separate from the new students taking the course for the first time. 

For more information please see Assessment groups.

Progression & Awards

When it comes to Progression & Awards for these students you'll see two instances of the course in their Course Results Profile.

You need to set the new academic year enrolment to the right selection status - it should be set to the year it applies for and the course enrolment rule (e.g. Year 2 Compulsory)

For the "old" instance of the course that the student failed you need to badge this one as non-counting credit. This way only the second instance of the course will be included for Progression calculations. 

You can find more information on the page Changing a selection status