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Only some resit scenarios are currently supported in the Assessment Hub. View the guidance here on how to manage resits in APT.

A resit/reassessment record is created automatically for students if they fail an undergraduate non-honours course on their first attempt. 

If a resit is allowed on an honours or PGT course you need to use the 'R' grade in first sit to generate the record.

The structure that's created in the resit record and how much you can use the system to calculate resits depends on what Reassessment type you have.

Only failed assessments will appear in resit

Remember that only failed assessments will be pulled through to resit. You won't be able to enter resit marks against passed assessments or their components and items that sit underneath.

Find out more on processing resits in the pages below. 

Reassessment types

The reassessment type determines what assessment structure is created in the resit record. Only 'identical' and 'different' are supported in the Assessment Hub.

Unsupported resits

Some resit scenarios are not supported in the Assessment Hub. For example when a resit assessment now counts for 100% of the course.

Identical resits

An identical resit means the student will resit their failed assessment with exactly the same structure from first sit including all components and items under that assessment.

Different resits

A different resit scenario means the student will resit their failed assessment but with a different underlying structure. This does not include scenarios where a resit is now worth 100% of the course.

Enter resit marks

You can enter or import resit marks in the Enter Marks screen. If you're calculating the final course result outside the system you'll need to enter this for each individual student via the little i buttons.

Resits on honours and PGT courses

A resit record won't be automatically created on honours or PGT courses. If the student will resit you'll need to create the record by publishing the first sit with the R grade.

Resits for professional purposes

Resits for professional purposes are not currently supported in the Assessment Hub. To manage this scenario you'll need to store the resit mark outside of the system.

Resits Board Report

You can use the resits course board report in BI to show the results for resit and null sit students on your course.

Disregarding components in resit

The disregard components function is not supported in resit.

Additional attempts

If a student is allowed more than two attempts the third attempt usually falls into the next academic year. If the third attempt will be completed in the same academic year you'll need to manage this outside the system.

Undo resits

Superusers can undo a resit if it's no longer required or if you need to make changes to the first sit record.

Error & Problem Resolution

Find out how to resolve errors or specific scenarios you may come across when processing resits.

Student view

Students will only see the resit course result on their EUCLID account. They won't see a breakdown of the assessment structure or any assessment, component or item marks.