Student Systems

Reset to calculated result

If a student's grade has been changed to a non-standard one (e.g. null sit) and you need to override this change to calculate a new result, you can do this from Process Course Results screen.

This is helpful if the reason for changing the grade is no longer relevant. For example the grade was changed to null sit and you now have new marks to calculate a new result.

The action will only recalculate selected students if their grade was changed to one of the following:

  • AN - Absent
  • CA/UA - Credits awarded on aggregate
  • NS - Null sit (Special circumstances)
  • R - Resit

If it's not one of these you'll see a message saying the student(s) can't be processed.

Process with screenshots

Process summary

  1. Go to Process Course Results
  2. Filter or search for the students you want
  3. Select the students
    • Use the tick boxes to select all or specific students
  4. Click the Action menu and select 'Reset to calculated result'
  5. Check the information on the pop up box and click Continue

The students' new calculated result will show in the 'Calculated result' column.

Next steps

When you're ready ratify and publish the new result: