Student Systems


You can ratify course results from the Process Course Results screen or from an individual student's little i button.

Ratify from Process Course Results

From the Process Course Results screen you can ratify for:

  • All students who can be ratified
  • A filtered list of students, including just those in first sit, resit or null sit 
  • Selected students (by using the tick boxes)
  • Individual students

If you want to ratify just one student then locate them from the list and click the Ratify button beside their name.

Otherwise follow the process outlined below.

Process with screenshots

Process summary

  1. Go to Process Course Results
  2. Filter or search for the students you want to ratify
    • E.g. you could filter the list to show only students in first sit that are ready to ratify
  3. Select the students
    • Use the tick boxes on the left to select all or specific students
  4. Click the Action menu and select Ratify
  5. Check the information on the pop up box and click Continue

Once the process has run you'll see the students have a result showing under the Ratified Result column.

Ratify for an individual student from the little i button

Ratifying from this screen is useful if you want to ratify the result for a single student only and are already in their little i button processing other things.

Process with screenshots

Process summary

  1. Click Process Course Results from the Assessment Hub home page
  2. Locate the student and click the little i button beside their name
  3. Click ratify and when the confirmation box appears, click ratify again

Once the process has run you'll see the result show under the Ratified Result box.

Next steps

If you need to change or recalculate the course result after it's been ratified you need to unratify it first.

When you're ready to, publish the course results.