Student Systems

How to calculate course results

You can calculate course results at any time during the year from either the Process Course Results screen or an individual student's little i button.

Calculate multiple students from Process Course Results

From the Process Course Results (PCR) screen you can choose to calculate for:

  • all students
  • a filtered list of students (e.g. just those in first sit or resit)
  • selected students by using the tick boxes
  • individual students

The calculate action from the PCR screen won't let you calculate students with a course result that was manually changed. This is to ensure manual amendments are not overwritten.

If the grade was changed to null sit, absent, resit or credits on aggregate (NS, AN, R, CA, UA) you can override this change and set a calculated result using the 'Reset to calculated result' action. This process will only work on records that have been changed to one of the grades in the 'Change grades' drop down list. For guidance please see Reset to calculated result.

Process with screenshots

Process summary

  1. Go to Process Course Results
  2. Filter or search for the students you want
    • e.g. filter the list to students in first sit that are ready to calculate
  3. Select the students
    • Select all or specific students using the tick boxes
  4. Click the Action menu and select 'Calculate'
  5. Check the prompt and click continue

Once the results have finished calculating you'll see the results show under the 'Calculated Result'.

Calculate an individual student 

There are three ways to calculate an individual student:

  • If it's the first time you're calculating their result you can click the Calculate button beside their name on the Process Course Results screen
  • Select the tick box beside the student's name and select 'Calculate' from the Action menu (process described above)
  • Open the student's little i button and click 'Calculate'

Processes with screenshots

Next steps

If you change the marks again remember you need to recalculate. 

If you want to view marks use the Export Marks screen.

When ready the results can be ratified and published: