Student Systems


You can calculate and recalculate course results throughout the year. The final results won't be correct though until all item or assessment marks have been entered.

To calculate course results the system takes into account the assessment structure and weightings as well as the entered marks. 

If there are items or assessments without marks at the time you calculate, these will automatically receive a DNA (did not attempt). This is required for the system to calculate correctly but you can change them at any time if you have new marks.

The system will not automatically recalculate course results so if you make a change you'll need to remember to calculate again. 

Find out how to calculate course results in the page below. You can also find out more about how the calculations are done in the Background calculations section.

How to calculate course results

You can calculate course results at any time during the year from either the Process Course Results screen or an individual student's little i button.

Background calculations (secured)

Find out more about how the final course results are calculated, including weighted calculations and how resit marks are calculated.