Student Systems

How to access the system

The Assessment Hub can be found under the 'Students' tab (Student Administration Staff Page) in EUCLID and then under Assessment and Progression.

Process summary

  1. Log into EUCLID
  2. Click the "Students" tab
  3. Locate the "Assessment and Progression" container (if you can't see this you'll need to request access to the Assessment and Progression Tools)
  4. Click on Assessment Hub
  5. Enter your course details
    • Enter the course name or code and select it from the list that appears
    • Select the academic year
  6. Click search

You should now see the home page which displays the different sections of the Assessment Hub - Set up assessments,  Enter marks, Publish provisional marks, Calculate marks, Process Course Results.

Next steps

You can begin processing course marks and results. Some guidance you may find useful includes: