Student Systems

Export marks

Use the Export Marks screen to see an overview of the course results for all students and choose to export this data to Excel.

On this screen you can see course marks, calculated course results and any notes left on the student's record.

You can use the data for quick reporting or results checking ahead of the course boards and export it to Excel to rearrange or reformat as required.

Access the Export Marks screen through the button on the bottom of the Assessment Hub home page.

Select optional columns

Along the top of the screen there are optional columns with tick boxes that you can use to show or hide data in the table:

  • Student identifiers - Student ID, Name, Exam number
  • Course note (to display the student's course notes)
  • Expand all course notes (to expand all the notes in the export marks view so you can read the full note on screen)

Any columns you have shown when you 'Export to Excel' will be exported to the file.

Please note if you select to Expand all course notes and then export to Excel, the text will be wrapped in the cell. This means it looks like there is only one word from the note but if you adjust the column width/height you will see the full note.

Show first sit or resit

You can choose to show data for first sit or resit by selecting the sitting from the drop down box on the right side of the page. This defaults to first sit.

Sort functions

You can sort the data in the table by student ID, name, exam number or calculated mark.

Click the arrow on the top of the column to sort it by ascending or descending order.

The sorted order is the same order that data will be exported to Excel in.

Colours for assessment structure

The different levels of the assessment structure are represented in the table in different colours:  

  • Pink = Item
  • Green = Component
  • Grey = Assessment
  • White = Overall course result