Student Systems

Change item or assessment marks

You can change item or assessment marks through either the "Enter Marks" screen or an individual student's little i button.

Course result must be unratified

If the course result is ratified you'll need to unratify it before you can make any changes. For guidance see Unratify.

There are two ways you can change the marks. The best method depends on how many students and items/assessments you want to change:

  • From the Enter Marks screen you can change marks for multiple students, items or assessments
  • From the little i button you can change item or assessment marks for one student at a time

Change marks from Enter Marks

You can change marks using any of the mark entry methods available in the Enter Marks screen.

Grid Entry

To change marks in Grid Entry:

  1. Select Grid entry from the drop down menu on the item, component or assessment you want to change 
  2. Locate the student
  3. Type over the mark with the new one
  4. Enter or tab out and select a Reason for Changing from the drop down list
  5. Store the mark 

For more guidance on using Grid entry please see Grid Entry

Importing marks

You can import a CSV file with new marks in the same way you do when you're importing them for the first time. 

If there are only a couple of students with changed marks your file only needs to include those students with the new marks recorded.

The system will upload all the marks for students on the spreadsheet so if there are some students on the spreadsheet without any mark changes just make sure their original mark is still recorded. 

For more guidance on importing marks please see Import marks

Change marks for an individual student from the little i button

Process with screenshots

Process summary

  1. Go to Process Course Results
  2. Locate the student and click the little i button
  3. Click the entered mark value for the item or assessment you want to change 
    • the "Amend mark" box will appear
  4. Click Amend mark
  5. Enter the new mark and reason for change
  6. Save changes
    • You can choose to save changes and then recalculate now, or just save changes without recalculating
    • If you don't choose to recalculate now you will need to remember to do this later as it won’t be automatically recalculated

Next steps

You may need to recalculate the course results: