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View/print assessment structure

Guidance on our Assessment and Progression software to view and print your assessment structures.


Once you have created your course assessments, there is a facility within EUCLID to view and print  your assessment stucture. This allows you to identify and fix any areas within your assessment structure that may have been setup incorrectly, as well as providing an option for review before recording marks.

Viewing or printing your assessment structure

Retrieve your assessment via the 'Assessment Hub' link found on the 'Students' page within EUCLID.

It is possible to view the structure from two different locations:

1. View/Print Structure from Course HOME page

The home page of the course provides a brief overview of the assessments on the course as shown in the red box below. To see the full structure, press the View/print button below the Task box  as indicated by the red arrow.

View print assessment hub

2. View/print Structure from ASSESSMENT SET UP page

Click on the '1. Set up assessments' button within the 'Edit by course instance' screen.

Click on the 'View/print' button within the 'Set up assessments' screen:

View print assessment set up

In both instances, pressing the View/print button will display the 'Assessment Setup > View structure' screen:

View assessment structure screen image

Your assessment structure is displayed in a tree format, with branches showing the relationships between the assessment, the component and the item. It also displays the weighting attributed to each assessment, component and item to allow you to review the structure in its entirety. 

Printing your assessment structure

You can print your assessment structure by right clicking on the 'Assessment Setup > View structure' screen, by using your browser 'print' option. This is different for all browsers, but more likely than not will be found by either right-clicking on the browser screen or by accessing the browser 'tools' or 'menu' options. The example below is taken from the 'Firefox' browser:

View assessment structure screen, with browser print option image

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