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Add extension information to an existing assessment structure

Guidance on adding extension information to existing assessment structures.


Existing assessment structures that contain coursework components need to be updated with extension information. This is a new requirement for academic year 2020/21. The information added to assessment structures will be displayed to students who need to apply for a coursework extension through the Extensions and Special Circumstances system.

This process can only be completed for assessment structures that have already been created or rolled over from the previous academic year. If you need to create a new assessment structure you can follow the guidance here:

1. Open the Assessment Hub

  • From the ‘Students’ section in EUCLID open the Assessment Hub

2. Enter course code and academic year

  • Enter the code or name of the course you want to update
  • Enter the academic year of the course you want to update
  • Click ‘Search’

3. Open the Assessment page

  • Click ‘Set up assessments’

4. Edit assessment structure

You can only add extension information to structures marked as coursework.

  • Click ‘Edit structure’

5. Identify assessment structure

On this page you will be shown the assessment structure. It can have up to three different levels of structure.

apt 6

It is important to identify which part of the structure you want to add extension information to as you can only add it to one part of the structure.

Assessment – This is the top level of a structure which applies to the coursework structure as a whole. If your structure has not been split into any further levels or you want to apply the extension information to all components/items then you should add it here:

apt 5.1

Component - This is the middle level of a structure. You may have more than one component and you should add the extension information here if you only want to apply it to the items that it contains. You may need to repeat this process if you have multiple components:




 Item – This is the bottom level of a structure and you should add the extension information here if each item requires different information from the component level. You may need to repeat this process if you have multiple components or items:


 6. Enter extension information

  • Click the ‘Edit’ button for the level of the structure you want to update
  • Select the ‘Submission’ radio button
  • Enter the submission date and time
  • Enter the amount of days it can be extended for
  • Enter any additional hand in information if required

Note: If the assessment has a staggered submission date you do not need to enter the date and time.


Note: If the assessment does not support extensions you do not need to add the duration and you will have to enter a reason why it does not.

  • Click ‘Continue’ 

7. Mark assessment structure as complete

Note: To be able to add any further information to your course in the home page you will need to mark the structure as complete.

  • Click 'Back'
  •  Click ‘Mark assessment structure complete’

Next steps

With the assessment structure marked as complete you will be able to update any further information from the home page when required.