Student Systems

Force failing an assessment

This complex assessment scenario explores the setup needed to calculate a fail for a student that has not achieved a minimum pass rate, that is higher than the standard 40%.

Where there is a minimum pass mark for an assessment that is higher than the standard 40% pass mark, force fail will need to be used. If this pass mark is not met, the student(s) will fail the overall course regardless of their performance on other course assessments. Force Fail can also be applied where the standard pass mark of 40% must be achieved for a given assessment.

Force fail can only be set at the highest level of an assessment (ie individual components or items cannot be set to force fail).

In the "Set Up Assessments" screen, press the "Build Structure" button and add an assessment. If you are unsure how to do this, please see the basic assessment set up page.

Give the assessment a name, a type (exam/coursework) and a weighting. Add a force fail percentage, press "Save and Continue". If applicable, add components / items to the new assessment.

Force Fail

An example of this scenario can be seen below where the coursework constitutes 40% of the course, but must be passed at 50% or above, regardless of the exam mark achieved.