Student Systems

Setting up assessments for a group of students within a course

This assessment scenario explores the setup needed to create assessments that can only be undertaken by a sub-group of students within a course.

Where a group of students within the same course instance are to undertake a different assessment to the rest of the cohort, a group must be created.

In the "Set Up Assessments" screen, press the "Build Structure" button and add an assessment. If you are unsure how to do this, please see the  assessment set up page.

Once you have created an assessment structure, from the "Set Up Assessments" screen, press the Build Structure button and select "Add Group". Give the group a name of no more than two characters in length and select the students to be added to the group from the class list. Press Save and Continue (at the top of the page).

group members

A new button will have now appeared against each assessment: "Assign Group". Select the appropriate assessment to move it from the main cohort and assign it to the group. Notice that the weightings have now shifted. Students within a group cannot do the same assessment as the rest of the cohort: if necessary, duplicate the assessment that is to be undertaken by both the main cohort and the group, adding one of these assessments to the group and leaving the other on the main cohort. 

edit group

For every group created, you must have an assessment assigned to it or you will be unable to proceed with mark entry against the newly created group. You cannot add students to a group who already have marks entered against them and you cannot move an assessment into a group if marks have been entered against that assessment.

To remove an assessment from a group, press the button "Assign Group" and select remove from group.

remove from group

To add new members to a group, press Manage Group, or to remove a group entirely, press "Remove"

assign group

An example of this scenario structure can be seen below where each student will be undertaking one assessment (either an exam or a piece of coursework) which will constitue 100% of their course mark.

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