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Adding academics and tutors to EUCLID

How to add new academics, tutors and external examiners to EUCLID

If an Academic needs access to student, course or programme data in EUCLID they should apply for an account using the link below 

Apply for an account

If you are an Administrative Support staff member and you need to allocate an Academic into one of the categories below,  this can be set up in EUCLID by completing a spreadsheet. This provides Student Systems with the minimum information required to create the new academic or tutor record.

  • Supervisors
  • Personal tutors
  • Course organisers
  • Attendance register tutors / electronic register access
  • External examiners
  • External supervisors

A link to the spreadsheet and the steps required to complete it can be seen below.

  1. Ensure the new academic or tutor has an active HR or VRS account

    • They must have a staff UUN and staff email address
    • External supervisors and external examiners should have their home institution email address recorded in VRS, and are excluded from requiring a staff email account
  2. Gather the required details

    • Title
    • Surname
    • Forename(s)
    • Known as name (if different from forename)
    • College
    • Department code
    • School code
    • HR or VRS ID
    • Home institution or employer (for external supervisors and external examiners only)
  3. Enter the details in the new academic/tutor template

    • Multiple new academics/ tutors can be entered into the spreadsheet
  1. Send the completed spreadsheet to Student Systems at the email address below

  2. We will then add the academics and tutors to EUCLID and confirm when they have been set up


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