Student Systems

Programme Change Request form location

How to find the the programme change request form, access the request tools, and see immediate notification of requests logged for a individual student.


To access the programme change request form:

  • go to the student hub
  • using the student hub bring back the relevant students record you wish to request programme change for
  • on the programme tab of the student record
  • click the "Actions" button highlighted below.
action button location



The programme actions page is displayed below:

  • all the relevant change requests to a student record are store under the 3 tabs "Changes to study",  "Interruptions" and "Withdrawls"
  • Please note authorisation for a change to students record should already be attained before starting this process, details of this are set out in the blue highlighted box 
  • Click the "Request" button next to the relevant change for this student 
Programme action requets changes to study




The relevant change request questions will be displayed for you to complete

all the relevant question are also available to view from the following web page Programme Details Change Request Questions

Once the mandatory sections are complete submit this request via clicking the "Save" button

request change of study change form



With a change reuqest submitted everytime you return to the relevant student record on the programme tab you will see a "Change Request" button highlighted below

  • The "Change Request" button highlights that an active change request  is in place on this record
  • for further information on this specific change request click the "Change Request" button
 change request acknowledgement button



Clicking the "Change Request" button will bring up details of the change request as shown in the image below

  • You can click the highlighted change request Type further further information again.
active request

 All the details for the active change request are displayed and can be drilled into further if required.

active request additional details