Student Systems

When and how annual reviews open

The majority of reviews are scheduled automatically as part of EUCLID's annual processes. Administrators can also manually schedule and open reviews at other times.

How annual reviews are scheduled

Annual reviews are scheduled automatically where the student's programme requires an annual review

Creating reviews manually

Administrators with the PGR editing role in EUCLID can schedule or open an annual review manually

Creating annual reviews post-rollover

After the student's record is 'rolled over', there may be a period when you will not be able to create an annual review

Annual reviews for part-time students

Annual reviews for part-time students

Additional or repeat reviews

A student may need more than one review in the same academic year

Interruptions and the annual review

A student's annual review will not appear while an interrupted period of study is in progress on their record.

Annual review no longer required

What to do if your programme no longer requires an annual review.

Who has access to the review

Access to a student's annual review is restricted to those who need it.