Student Systems

The role of the administrator in the annual review

A complex series of administrative tasks are required to ensure the annual review proceeds smoothly.

  • Annual review parameters data, for example the Postgraduate Director, must be up to date in EUCLID before annual reviews are created.  There is no option to make bulk updates after annual reviews have been created, therefore it is important to ensure the annual review parameters for your School or programme are set before the annual reviews begin.  Once the annual review has started, any changes must be made individually in each review.
  • Supervisor records must be accurate and up to date in EUCLID in order for the annual review to be sent to the correct supervisors.  Supervision data controls the direction of the annual review, therefore it is crucial this is correct before the review begins. Changes made to thestudent's supervision after supervisors, especially Additional Supervisors, have started working on the review may affect its progress.
  • External supervisors must be correctly set up on the University system in order to be added to the students' records and to have access to their students' annual reviews.
  • You may become the School's Additional Sign Off for the annual reviews for your programme.  The function of the Additional Sign Off is to ensure that annual reviews are complete, for example all supporting documents have been uploaded, before they are sent to the Postgraduate Director for final approval.  The Additional Sign Off data is managed in the annual review parameters and should be assigned before the annual reviews are created.
  • Using tools available in EUCLID and BI Suite, you will be required to monitor PGR annual reviews for your programme and possibly for your School.