Student Systems

Supervision and the annual review

It's important to understand how supervision data affects the student's annual review

All supervisor data is included in the student’s annual review when the review opens.

Supervisor data controls the direction of the annual review, therefore it is crucial this is correct before the review begins. Changes made to the supervision after supervisors, especially Additional Supervisors, have started working on the review may affect its progress.


Supervision data links directly to the annual review

  • The University's Guidance for Research Students states that each student must be supervised by a team of at least two supervisors; a Principal (or 'Lead') Supervisor, and either a Co-Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor.
  • Each supervisor has a role in the student's annual review, therefore their data must be recorded in the student record before the annual review begins.
  • All of the student's supervisors must be recorded in EUCLID.  If a student's supervisor is based in an external institution our guidance explains how their details can be added to EUCLID so they can be included in the supervision record and the annual review.


Managing supervisor data in EUCLID

The student's supervision is managed on the Programme page of the student’s record in the EUCLID Student Hub.



Scroll down to the Supervisors section and click 'Edit' to update the supervisory team.



It is possible to amend the supervision data after the annual review starts but it's important to check the review's current status in the student's Assessment page before you do this.

PGRAR Stage_Assessment Page


The best times to make changes to supervision are:

  • Before the review has started, or
  • after the review has started and it is still with the student, or…
  • after the review has started and it is still with the Principal Supervisor
  • Changes made at these points will update the annual review automatically.  The new supervisor will be sent an email asking them to complete their part of the annual review.


Where possible, please ensure that supervision data, especially that of Additional Supervisors, is up to date before or shortly after the annual review starts.


Additional Supervisors

The most common PGR supervision changes concern additional supervisors.

  • Try to ensure Additional Supervisor data is up to date before the annual review starts.
  • Supervisors who are based in external institutions should not be omitted from the supervision record.  Our guidance explains how to have their details added to EUCLID.
  • When the annual review progresses to the Additional Supervisor stage, an email is sent to each Additional Supervisor simultaneously.
  • A change in circumstances may result in an Additional Supervisor dropping out of the review.  Perhaps they have retired or, for some other reason, they are no longer supervising the student.
  • Where possible, remove this Additional Supervisor from the supervision record before the annual review starts.
  • Changes to Additional Supervisor data at later stages may cause the annual review to stall.  The Postgraduate Director will be able to approve an Additional Supervisor's section if that person is not available and this is delaying the review's progress.


The annual review may be affected by supervision changes made while it is in progress and may become stuck.  If this occurs, please email and we will be happy to help.