Student Systems

External Supervisors

This guidance is designed to help administrators navigate the complexity involved in ensuring an External Supervisor can access their student's annual review

An External Supervisor may be a supervisor who has retired from the University of Edinburgh and now has honorary status.  Or they may be a former University employee who has gone to work in another institution.  Or they may already be based in an external institution and have been recruited to provide specialised knowledge of a particular area of a student's research.

Supervisors based externally must use the University MyEd portal to access their student records and annual reviews.

This means that External Supervisors must be set up with an account on the University system.

Visitor Registration System

  • School administrators are responsible for ensuring the External Supervisor has an account on the University's visitor registration system.
  • The visitor account services MUST include 'MyEd UCP' to ensure they can access MyEd and EUCLID.
  • If the supervisor already has a visitor record, please ensure it is up to date.   For example the visit end date should correspond with their student's programme end date.
  • You should ensure the external supervisor has their login details and knows how to log into their MyEd account.

Preventing duplicate visitor accounts

  • It's important to ensure that the External Supervisor has only one visitor account.
  • For each account created, the system will generate a user name and password.
  • If the supervisor has more than one user name and password for MyEd this will create confusion for them logging in.
  • If the supervisor has more than one visitor account, it's highly likely they will have duplicate EUCLID accounts.
  • If they have two EUCLID accounts, their students' records may be split between the accounts and the supervisor will have difficulty accessing them.
  • Please use the visitor search tools carefully to ensure the supervisor has only one visitor account and one EUCLID account.
  • The VRS FAQs page (secured) provides useful information on setting up or amending a visitor account.

Adding an External Supervisor to EUCLID

  • If you need to add the supervisor's details to a student's record and they don't have a record in EUCLID, please send their details to Student Systems and one will be created.
  • Please include the following information in an email to
    • Their name

    • Their University user name [created when their visitor account is set up]

    • Their institutional email address.  Please note that a private email address cannot be used in the EUCLID supervisor record.

    • Their visitor id, for example VRS 2000....

  • You will be notified once the supervisor's EUCLID account has been created.  You will then be able to assign their details to a student's record.
  • The External Supervisor account will enable the supervisor to access MyEd and EUCLID.
  • They will have access to student records assigned to them but no other data.

External Supervisor having difficulties logging into MyEd or EUCLID

Most External Supervisors will access their student's record only a few times a year, usually to complete their student's annual review or gather information to write a reference for one of their former students.  There are a number of ways in which you will be able to support them.

  • Make sure the supervisor's visitor account details are up to date.
  • Make sure the supervisor knows their login details.
  • Like other staff-like users, External Supervisors must follow prompts for their memorable word when logging into EUCLID.  Please ask them to keep a note of their memorable word.
  • If an External Supervisor reports that they can't recall their password or memorable word, you should contact IS Helpline on their behalf.  Because the supervisor is based externally, IS Helpline may not be able to assist them directly.

Other things you can do before seeking help.

  • Check the supervisor has access to EUCLID.  You can do this using the College staff in EUCLID (secured) report.
  • If the External Supervisor does have access to the system but reports issues accessing or completing their student's annual review, ask them to follow the login guidance designed for supervisors.