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Personal Tutor tools (Student Support Team)

Use our Personal Tutor tools to facilitate communication between Personal Tutors and their tutees.

The tools enable you, as a Student Support Team member, to:

  • assign students as tutees to a Personal Tutor
  • view tutees
  • schedule meetings
  • comment on meetings
  • manage emails


For help using the Personal Tutor tools, click on the links below to refer to our comprehensive user guides, training materials and FAQs, or watch our instructional videos via the links below or contact our team for additional support.

FAQs and training materials

Personal Tutor tools: FAQs

Personal Tutor tools: known issues

Using EUCLID and default browser settings: FAQs


Watch our videos

These videos show how our software works, with text guidance. They are narrated.

To view in full screen click the video title (top left hand corner) and watch direct from youtube with all the youtube functionality available.

Please note that our videos will not display in Google Chrome due to a bug, but can be viewed in other browsers.

To receive this information in an alternative format, contact our team.

Student Systems

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Navigate my Personal Tutors page (video)

Assign students to a Personal Tutor (video) 


User guides

Assigning students

Assign students to a Personal Tutor

Reassign students to their current Personal Tutor

Find students to assign to a Personal Tutor

Assign students to a Personal Tutor by file upload

View all personal tutors with assigned students

Search for a Personal Tutor’s details

Scheduling meetings

Schedule a 1:1 meeting for students and their Personal Tutor

Schedule an additional 1:1 meeting

Next steps after meeting set-up

Change the date or time of a scheduled meeting

Change the duration of a scheduled meeting

Cancel a meeting

Close a meeting

Notes, comments and confidentiality

Add a note to a student

Add a comment to a meeting or note record

Insert standard text into a meeting or note record

Delete a meeting, comment or note

Act on a student’s request for confidentiality

Identifying students

Identify students with past meetings still open

Identify students with requested meetings

Identify students with meetings without notes

Identify students with no activity in the past 60 days

Emailing with MS Outlook

Add a Student Support Team account

Auto-forward emails to Personal Tutors using a rule

Edit an existing rule

Delete a rule

Filter student emails into folders using a rule

Manually move emails into folders

Email a tutee group

Request students wait for 1:1 before contacting their Personal Tutor

Student Systems support

Contact our team for further technical support.

Student Systems

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Enhancing the student experience

Our provision of IT tools to facilitate and support communication between students and staff is part of our commitment to enhancing the student experience.

For more information, visit the University’s staff pages on Personal Tutors and Student Support Officers, and enhancing the student experience.

Staff pages on Personal Tutors and Student Support Officers

Staff pages on enhancing the student experience

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