Student Systems

Bulk confirmation of attendance

Guidance on confirming attendance in bulk.

Log into Euclid and select 'Students' from the top menu. Select 'Confirm Attendance by confirmation status' from the 'Registration Processes' box.

Select 'Confirm Attendance by confirmation status' from the Student tab


 A search screen will be opened. You can search for groups of students using the various fields. Click 'Retrieve' when you are ready to search for students based on your selections.

Select which students you wish to view


The retrieved students will be displayed as below. This screen contains guidance on how to select and deselect students for confirmation of attendance. It also displays the date that will be recorded against the attendance confirmation.

Use the tick boxes to select students, then select 'Confirm attendance' from the drop-down menu and click the 'This Record' button.

Select required students


You will then receive a confirmation message for the students you selected.

Confirmation of bulk attendance confirmation


When you are finished using this page you can just close your browser tab.