Student Systems

Personal Tutor tools guidance for Personal Tutors

Use our Personal Tutor tools to schedule and comment on meetings, manage emails and, if you need to, assign students as tutees.

You can view the Personal Tutor page in EUCLID once a Senior Tutor or member of your Student Support Team has assigned tutees to you.

FAQs and known issues

Use our Personal Tutors Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) for to find answers to your questions quickly, and refer to our 'Known issues' guidance to find out about how the software works with various browsers.

Instructional video: Personal Tutor tools

Watch instructional videos on scheduling meetings and emailing your tutee group, and viewing awards and progression details for your tutees.

User guides

Read our user guides for comprehensive guidance on assigning students as your tutees, emailing your tutees, scheduling 1:1 and group meetings, adding notes and comments to your tutee records, and finding out about flagging notes and comments as confidential.