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Our Mini-Portfolio system allow you to to review and submit grades for supplementary visual evidence that supports applications to undergraduate Design and Art programmes at ECA. This user guide is designed to support the staff who review and mark these applications.


The University commences receiving applications from UCAS in September each year. Only those who have submitted an application to UCAS by 29th January 2022 will have access to Mini-Portfolio; applicants who submit an application after this date will be contacted directly by the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science Admissions Office.

Mini-portfolios must be completed and submitted by 8th February 2022 in order for the University to consider an application further.

Academic markers are required to review and grade each application. Admissions will confirm when assessment can begin but this is likely to be 10th February 2022 and all assessment will need to be completed by 02 March 2022.

Each marker will be allocated a percentage of relevant portfolios to grade. Each portfolio will only be graded once by one assessor. Mini-Portfolios will be individually graded on four categories to create an overall grade for the applicant.

The four categories are:

  • Visual Research and Enquiry
  • Idea Development
  • Selection and Resolution
  • Contextual Awareness



Portfolios for the following Art and Design programmes require to be submitted through Mini-Portfolio:



Animation (BA Hons)


Art (BA Hons)


Fashion (BA Hons)


Film and Television (BA Hons)


Fine Art (MA Hons)


Graphic Design (BA Hons)


Illustration (BA Hons)


Interior Design (BA Hons)


Intermedia Art (BA Hons)


Jewellery and Silversmithing (BA Hons)


Painting  (BA Hons)


Performance Costume (BA Hons)


Photography (BA Hons)


Product Design (BA Hons)


Sculpture (BA Hons)


Textiles (BA Hons)



Accessing Mini-Portfolio

In order to begin marking, a reviewer should ensure they have access to MyEd and EUCLID.

Once in EUCLID, navigate to ‘UG Admissions’. From there click the link to launch Mini-Portfolio within the Mini-Portfolio container.


Reviewing an application

On the opening screen of Mini-Portfolio you will be presented with a yellow box containing a count of a) how many applications you have been assigned, b) how many still have to be graded and c) the total number of submissions.

Below this you will see a list of all your applications in ID number order. This list contains both graded and ungraded applications.

To review a specific application click the ‘Grade Now’ link beside that application.  The contents of the portfolio should now be available for you to view.

Once the contents have been reviewed against the assessment criteria and a decision has been made, select a grade A-E (A the highest) for each of the four categories and also indicate whether or not the portfolio was accessible. Portfolios should be accessible for all areas except Film and TV, where a link may be password protected or taken down by the hosting website for copyright or other reasons. In these cases where the portfolio can’t be accessed this should be specified and grades of ‘E’ should also be given for each of the four categories. It’s very important that admissions staff are able to note that a portfolio couldn’t be accessed when providing feedback to applicants.

Click on ‘Submit’ to submit the grades.

Then click on ‘Next’ to move to the next portfolio.

If you wish to return to the main index page to view your applications, click the ‘Go back to grade index’ link below the ECA logo at the top of the page.


Viewing previously graded applications

When you login to review/grade portfolios you will see a list of applications, including grades for those that you have already assessed.

It is important to note that after you have submitted the grades for a portfolio you will not be able to change them. For this reason it is best practice to look at a selection of portfolios before you begin grading and, where you are grading alongside other assessors for a particular degree, to look at a selection of portfolios as a team before you begin grading.


Exiting Mini-Portfolio

In order to exit Mini-Portfolio you can either close down the browser completely or click the ‘Logout’ button in the top right hand corner of the application.


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