Widening Participation

Primary and early secondary years initiative

Our work with primary and early secondary children from Wester Hailes Education Centre, Liberton High School and Leith Academy

It is important to develop aspirations from an early age, so since 2002-03 we have worked (initially funded by a Small Project Grant from the University Development Trust) with pupils from P6 to S1.  The schools we work with are Wester Hailes Education Centre (WHEC), Liberton High School, Leith Academy and their feeder primaries.  In addition to these schools we also work with Colinton and Forthview primaries, making a total of 400+ pupils that work with us every academic year as part of the scheme.  Since 2010-11 our partner schools have also been offered the opportunity to work with a senior modern languages undergraduate through our Language Ambassadors Scheme.  At primary level, this involves the delivery of a modern language course, while at secondary it involves assisting in the delivery of modern language curriculum.

The initiative is funded by donations from The Henry Drucker Memorial Fund, an anonymous trust fund and the Lloyds Scholars Programme.


Dr Neil Speirs

Widening Participation Manager

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