Widening Participation

Our Team

Members of the Widening Participation team and their respective roles.

Working from home and the office

Our staff is working both from home and from the office.

Our campus and outreach activities are currently being delivered in a hybrid way.

You can contact us on wpteam@ed.ac.uk or contact individual members of the team via our emails as detailed below.

Our normal working hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Our Team

WP Managers

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role Email
Laura Cattell Head of Widening Participation/Deputy Director Student Recruitment & Admissions laura.cattell@ed.ac.uk
Kirstin Henry Widening Participation Manager (Student Lifecycle) kirstin.henry@ed.ac.uk
Pat Reid Widening Participation Manager pat.reid@ed.ac.uk
Dr Neil M Speirs Widening Participation Manager neil.speirs@ed.ac.uk
Lesley Stokes Widening Participation Manager lesley.stokes@ed.ac.uk

WP Officers and Administrators

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role Email
Stef Blum-Stevenson Widening Participation Officer (ACES) stef.blum@ed.ac.uk
Briony Cowan Widening Participation Administrator briony.cowan@ed.ac.uk
Tom Draper IntoUniversity Community Liaison Coordinator tom.draper@ed.ac.uk
Susan Forrest Widening Participation Officer (Summer Schools) susan.forrest@ed.ac.uk
Will Hall Widening Participation Officer (Schools Partnerships) will.hall@ed.ac.uk
Ryan Hamilton Widening Participation Officer (Access to the Professions) ryan.hamilton@ed.ac.uk
Jasmine Holt Outreach Officer (ACES) jasmine.holt@ed.ac.uk
Jess Hume Widening Participation Officer (Student Life Cycle) jess.hume@ed.ac.uk
Gabriele Negro Widening Participation Officer gabriele.negro@ed.ac.uk
Jefferson Shirley Data and Monitoring Officer jefferson.shirley@ed.ac.uk