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Information on degree programmes

The Degree Regulations & Programmes of Study (DRPS) website provides information on the programmes of study offered by the University of Edinburgh.

Prospective students may find the DRPS helpful if they are looking at a specific degree programme and would like more information about the structure and content of the degree. Students who have not yet decided on a subject or degree programme(s) may find the Degree Finder more useful.

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Current Degree Regulations & Programmes of Study

Degree Programme Tables

For each degree programme, the DRPS sets out a Degree Programme Table (DPT) - the normal, regulated path for a degree. The tables are grouped by College, then academic School, and then alphabetically by programme title.

Each of our degrees is comprised of a number of component courses. Each course is worth a certain number of SCQF (Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework) credits. Usually students will take a total of 120 SCQF credits in each academic year.

The tables themselves are split into years of study. Each year sets out the compulsory courses students are required to take for that degree, stating how many credits each course is worth and providing a link to each individual course page.

Where there are a range of course options available to complete the required number of credits, the DPT either provides a list of the available courses or states the School collection(s) the student may choose from.

These are collections of courses, grouped by subject area - for example School Collection F contains all courses in the School of Law. In first and second year this is normally the vast majority of first and second year level courses from across the University.

Course pages

Each component course has its own information page which provides a summary of the course content and learning outcomes. These pages also show how much teaching time there is for the course in terms of lectures, tutorials and laboratory classes where appropriate. If you require more information on a subject area or a particular course, please check the web page for that subject area. A list of subject area websites is available here:

Colleges and Schools

If you cannot find the information you are looking for or are not sure which subject area a course is in, please contact us.

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