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Who we work with

Student Recruitment and Admissions works in partnership with Schools and Colleges, and with a number of other professional services.

Working with Schools and Colleges

A key part of our role is to co-ordinate and support aspects of the University’s recruitment and admissions activity that are devolved to Colleges and Schools. Devolved activities include the processing of admissions applications and discipline-specific recruitment and induction initiatives. Increasingly, we are also working with Schools and Colleges to embed Widening Participation as a University-wide activity.

Working with other services

We also work closely with other professional services: in particular Edinburgh Global and Communications and Marketing.

Edinburgh Global

We share a joint reception with Edinburgh Global, who are located just upstairs from us on Buccleuch Place. Our teams work collaboratively to provide services to visitors and to share knowledge and best practice with staff.

Edinburgh Global

Communications and Marketing (CAM)

The work of SRA and CAM is closely related, and our teams work together to ensure that our activities benefit from a combination of marketing expertise and recruitment market acumen. SRA supports CAM’s dedicated publishing team to develop content for the prospectus and website that meets the needs of key audiences, and provides the Market Insight team with feedback from UK and EU recruitment markets. We also benefit from CAM’s expertise, particularly in support of our applicant-facing communications activity.

If you have a question about any of the following, please contact CAM

  • The University website or prospectus
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Market insight

Communications and Marketing

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