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Privacy statement: Unibuddy

How we use your information when you use Unibuddy.

Overall usage of Unibuddy:

Monitoring engagement

We may use your information to track your prospective student journey because it is in our legitimate interest to monitor the effectiveness of our activities; this is for statistical purposes only. To do so we will keep the information you provide when registering for Unibuddy for two years after your last conversation in line with Unibuddy’s retention periods.

Monitoring conversations

All conversations are monitored by us in line with Unibuddy’s privacy policy. Although conversations are anonymous, where required Unibuddy will provide us the contact details of anyone’s individual conversations in the following circumstances:

  • Concern of your welfare
  • Inappropriate behaviour

Concern of your welfare

If at any point the University or a Unibuddy is concerned about your welfare during a conversation, we will ask Unibuddy to disclose your personal details, in line with their privacy policy so that we can contact you.

Inappropriate behaviour

As outlined in our Admissions policy the University is committed to ensuring that any interaction with an applicant is conducted in a professional, courteous and respectful manner and it expects that any communication from an applicant is conducted in the same way.

Applicants should note that the University will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour or language towards its employees or members of the wider University community during the admissions process. Hostile, aggressive or otherwise inappropriate behaviour or language, whether expressed verbally or in writing, and excessive levels of contact, will be viewed seriously and may adversely affect the consideration of an application, appeal or complaint.

If this behaviour is reported or witnessed on Unibuddy we will ask Unibuddy to disclose your personal details, in line with their privacy policy so that we can identify you.

The University will normally warn an applicant that their behaviour or language is inappropriate and that action is being considered, but where the behaviour or language is particularly inappropriate no warning need be given before action is taken. Such action may include the withdrawal of an offer or the rejection of an application. Conduct which constitutes a criminal offence will be referred to the relevant authorities.

Further information about our admissions policy can be found on our admission webpages:


Usage of Staff Unibuddy

When engaging with staff on Unibuddy, if you require an update on your application it is in our legitimate interest to seek personal data to allow us to find your application, therefore your conversations will no longer be anonymous. We will hold this conversation history for two years.

Please see our applicant privacy policy for more information about how we use your data as an applicant.

Admissions privacy statement

Email communication 

You will only receive email communication from us if you have opted into marketing information on Unibuddy. 

For further information about how we use your personal data in email communications, please see our privacy statement for email communications. 

Privacy state: Email Communications