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Privacy statement: business contacts

How we use your information if you are a business contact.

Business contacts are individuals who can be considered as representatives of their company, organisation or institution.

Student Recruitment & Admissions processes your professional contact details because it is in our legitimate interest to use this information to deliver the services that you are seeking from us and to keep you informed of other relevant services we offer. Dependent upon your relationship with Student Recruitment & Admissions, we will process your data in order to:

  • Communicate with you about events, opportunities or services of interest to you, your colleagues, or students with whom you work;
  • Offer specific services as agreed through a partnership agreement or project;
  • Coordinate the delivery of a service, such as a school or campus visit;
  • Provide relevant information, advice and guidance to assist you in your professional role;
  • Promote relevant CPD opportunities;
  • Respond to an enquiry you have made

Student Recruitment & Admissions will hold your information for the duration of our working relationship. We will contact you on a biennial basis to verify your details and check that you wish to remain on our database. We will use Office365, Dotdigital or GeckoEngage to contact you; you can unsubscribe from the Dotdigital or GeckoEngage service at any time, and if you would like your information to be removed from our database you can let us know and opt out at any time.


Student Recruitment & Admissions use Dotdigital to supply its bulk email service for prospective students, applicants and advisers. You can unsubscribe from the Dotdigital service at any time. Dotdigital’s terms of use can be viewed at:

Dotdigital's Terms

Dotmailer’s privacy policy can be viewed at:

Dotdigital's Privacy Policy

Gecko Engage

Student Recruitment & Admissions uses GeckoEngage to capture your details and to supply our bulk email service for prospective students, applicants and advisers. You can unsubscribe from GeckoEngage communications at any time. This is a third party service which is not operated by the University of Edinburgh. Details of GeckoEngage’s privacy policy can be found at:

GeckoEngage Privacy Policy


If you have any questions, please contact:

with ‘personal data enquiry’ in the subject box.


This Privacy Statement is continued at:

Continued Privacy Statement