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Privacy statement: Photographic images and video

How we use your information in photographic images and video.

The personal information (this may include your name and identifying information, your photographic image or video) you provide as part of this event, video shoot or communication activity will be used by the University to promote our activities and provide information to prospective students, staff, funders and partners. This will be used in our printed publications and digital channels, including websites and social media.

We will use this on the basis of our legitimate business interest to record and promote our work. We will inform you that we will be capturing and using your image and make this privacy statement available to you.

The University uses external partners to communicate and promote our activities on the University’s behalf. Therefore, your personal information/image may be shared with partner agencies involved in the promotion of higher education and the University of Edinburgh in particular. 

Your image may also be used on third party platforms on which the University has a presence. 

Where we use your image online this will inevitably be subject to international data transfer and we may also share your personal information to agencies which operate outside of the UK. Where you provide information that enables you to be identified we will seek your consent to publish this identifying personal data.

All personal information/images that we collect is held securely on the University’s servers and treated as confidential.

These will be kept by the Student Recruitment and Admissions department at the University of Edinburgh. We will record where they are used and we will hold your image for up to ten years. For 'live event' recorded video content, such as session recordings during open days and online events, we will record where it is used / published and hold it for up to two years.

If you have any questions, please contact Student Recruitment & Admissions by emailing:

For further information about the University’s approach to data protection and your rights:

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