Scholarships and Student Funding

Student loans - what happens

How and when you will receive your maintenance loans and how the University receives payment of tuition fees.

Maintenance/Living Costs

If you have applied for your student loan/grant before the advertised deadlines, you will receive your maintenance loan and grant payments from the Student Loans Company (SLC) directly into your bank account on the first day of Semester 1, provided you have:

  • Registered with the University
  • Completed your application for funding and met all SLC requests for information.

Remember to sign the declaration!

30 days before the start of semester 1 (and daily thereafter), the university receives electronic files from the SLC containing information on students who have approved SLC funding. We are required to confirm your attendance at university before SLC will release your student loan payments. We do this by loading the file into the student record system and matching against a student’s registered status. We return electronic files confirming students’ attendance daily. This confirmation releases your loan payments to your bank account within 3/4 working days after the start of semester 1.

Tuition Fees

RUK - Student Finance England/Wales/Northern Ireland

You must apply to your funding body for a tuition fee loan each academic session and the university receives notification of the amount of tuition fee loan applied for in the daily electronic files from the SLC. Remember to sign your declaration otherwise the University will not receive confirmation of your loan. SLC will make payment to the university in 3 instalments. At the start of each liability period (September, January, April) the university is required to confirm your ongoing attendance and this is returned by means of electronic files to the SLC.

Scotland/EU – Student Awards Agency for Scotland

You must apply to SAAS for your tuition fees to be paid to the university on your behalf each academic session. The university is required to confirm your attendance at 1 December in order for your tuition fee payment to be released.


If the University does not receive confirmation from SLC/SAAS that they are paying your tuition fees, you will be invoiced and you will be responsible for payment of your tuition fees yourself.


If you don’t receive your maintenance payments when expected and you don’t know why, you can contact the Fees and Student Support team for help and if necessary we can liaise with the SLC or SAAS on your behalf.


Fees and Student Support Team

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