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Undergraduates studying away from the University

The following information is the policy for undergraduate students who will be studying away from the university on exchange or work placement in session 2020-2021

If you are going abroad as part of your degree studies, receiving credit that will be transferred to your University of Edinburgh degree, you will be charged a tuition fee by the University.  Fees will depend on how long you are away, the type of exchange you are undertaking and your tuition fee status.


How long you are away

If you are studying away for a full year and you are combining two different types of study away, you will be charged the relevant fee for a full year study away.

For example:

  •  a semester in one country and semester two in another country


  • a semester at one institution and semester two at another institution.


If you are studying in Edinburgh for one semester and spending one semester abroad, you will be charged a part year fee.


Type of exchange

If your study away is a mandatory/compulsory element of your degree studies and separate tuition fees are charged by the host institution, the relevant School will fully fund the tuition fees charged by the host institution.  Please contact your School office for further information.


If your study away is optional and not part of a University exchange scheme and separate tuition fees are charged by the host institution, students are liable for payment of all fees due at the host institution.  However you can contact the Fees and Support Team and arrange to be charged a lower fee by the University.


Tuition fee status

The links below provide the fee levels applicable for your tuition fee status classification 


Scotland and EU students

Rest of UK and Channel Island students

International/Overseas students


If you have any queries relating to fee charges or applying to your funding body for support during your study abroad, please contact the Fees and Student Support team.


Telephone: 0131 650 2230