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Study abroad in Edinburgh tuition fees

Information for students taking an undergraduate degree elsewhere and studying in Edinburgh.

Visiting Taught Undergraduate students

2017-2018 session

2017-2018 session - fees for study abroad in Edinburgh undergraduate students

2016-2017 session

Home visiting students admitted to full time study for one semester are charged a semester rate, which is 50% of the corresponding full time rate.

Full time overseas study abroad in Edinburgh students who intend to study for the whole academic session are offered a £500 discount. The discount is reflected in the full session calculation in the table of fees. Overseas study abroad in Edinburgh students studying for one semester will be charged fees at half of the full year overseas fee rate.


Study abroad in Edinburgh students studying on a part-time intermittent basis and registered for this mode of study will be charged according to the number of credits taken pro rata to the applicable full-time fee.

Visiting Research Undergraduate students

If you are admitted to the University for less than or up to twelve weeks, you will not be charged a tuition fee.

If you are admitted for more than twelve weeks and up to and including twelve months, you will be charged a flat fee rate which will be £610 in session 2016-17.


Please contact the Fees and Student Support Team for further information.

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