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Veterinary Medicine & Surgery (BVMS) fee levels (2020-2021)

Tuition fees for the 2020-2021 academic session.

Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

The annual fee rate for overseas/full cost students is fixed for the duration of their programme.

Veterinary Medicine BVMS

Year of entry Home - Scotland/EU Home - RUK Overseas/Full Cost
2020-21 entry £1,820* £9,250 £32,850
2019-20 entry £1,820  £9,250 £31,450
2018-19 entry £1,820  £9,250  £30,800
2017-18 entry £1,820  £9,250  £30,200
2016-17 entry £1,820  £9,000  £29,600


* The Home-Scotland/EU fee rate is set by the Scottish Government and is expected to be confirmed in early 2020


*The annual tuition fee for undergraduate students from Rest of the UK is reviewed on an annual basis.

Graduate Entry Programme (GEP)

Year of entry Full cost annual fee (all students)
2020-21 entry £32,850
2019-20 entry £31,450
2018-19 entry £30,800
2017-18 entry £30,200


Overseas/full cost students can opt to pay a lump sum to cover their tuition fees for the remainder of their programme of studies.

If you wish to pay the lump sum, please contact the Fees and Student Support Team.

Fees and Student Support Team

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