Scholarships and Student Funding

Invoiced at course level (2011-2012)

Students studying on a part-time intermittent basis are classed as “Invoiced at Course Level (ICL)” students for fee purposes. This refers to the fact that students registered for this mode of study pay for each course as they study.

The following are Invoiced at Course Level:

College of Humanities and Social Science

The Moray House School of Education
  Home/EU Overseas
Master of Teaching (Chartered Teacher Programme)    
30 credit course rate £1,495 £2,035
Accreditation of Prior Learning (Chartered Teacher Programme)    
up to 30 credits £470  
up to 60 credits £915  
Scottish Qualification for Headship    
Individual course fee £1,050 £1,050
Certificate in Swimming Science    
Individual course fee £1,000 £1,000

Moray House of Education - Certificate/Diploma/MSc Rates for Named Programmes and Course Fee Rates

  • Community Education (Dip/MSc)
  • Dance Science & Education (Dip/MSc)
  • E-Learning (Dip/MSc)
  • Education: Language – Theory, Practice and Literacy (Cert/Dip/MSc)
  • Language Teaching (Dip/MSc)
  • Management of Training and Development (Cert/Dip/MSc)
  • Outdoor Education (Dip/MSc)
  • Outdoor Environmental & Sustainability Education (Dip/MSc)
  • Performance Psychology (Dip/MSc)
  • Personal & Social Outdoor Education (Dip/MSc)
  • Sport & Recreation Business Management (Dip/MSc)
  • Strength and Conditioning (Dip/MSc)
  • TESOL (Dip/MSc)

Also the following Additional Support for Learning programmes:

  • Bilingual Learners (Cert/Dip/MEd)
  • Deaf Education (Dip/MEd)
  • Inclusive Education (Cert/Dip/MEd)
  • Learning Disabilities (Cert/Dip/MEd)
  • Pastoral Care & Behaviour Support (Cert/Dip/MEd)
  • Pupil Support (Cert/Dip/MEd)
  • Specific Learning Difficulties (Cert/Dip/MEd)
  • Visual Impairment (Cert/Dip/MEd)
Fee rates applicable Home Overseas
Individual course fee (10 credits) £295 £680
Individual course fee (20 credits) £590 £1,360
Dissertation course fee (50 credits) £1,475 £3,390
Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits) £1,770 £4,070
Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits) £3,535 £8,135
Postgraduate Masters (180 credits) £5,300 £12,200

Other programmes across all three Colleges are available at course level. Please contact the Fees and Student Support Team for more details.

Fees and Student Support Team

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