Scholarships and Student Funding


The selection panel will consider the potential benefits to the individual and the University.

The selection panel will take into account the benefit to the applicant in terms of developing his/her skills and knowledge as well as the benefit to the University from the applicant's proposed further study.

This might be illustrated by examples of how the proposed programme of study would contribute to future achievements in one or more of the following areas:

  • teaching, course preparation (taking account of innovative techniques, for example, the production of learning aids using computers and other media) and examining, including involvement in continuing education
  • research and scholarship, including publications and published research software and databases; other forms of public output may also be considered
  • management or administrative knowledge/skills
  • technical/specialist knowledge/skills

The selection panel may also take into account staff recruitment and retention issues, as well as the current and potential future roles of the individual.

Conditions of award

Recipients of the Staff Scholarship will be required to complete a report at the end of their programme of study stating how their further study has benefited the University and how they are applying the knowledge and skills obtained from their period of study in their current position within the University.