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DeepMind Scholarships

DeepMind and the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics have formed a partnership to support students undertaking the MSc in Artificial Intelligence programme. Scholarships will cover tuition fees and provide a stipend to cover maintenance and other living costs. Equipment and travel grants will be available during the programme.

In addition, recipients will benefit from mentoring from DeepMind staff during their programme of study. The scholarships place no obligations on the recipients, other than to undertake the MSc in Artificial Intelligence in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh and to meet with their mentors.


We are offering a scholarship to non-international fee status applicant. The award is for the academic year 2024 - 2025 and covers:

  • Tuition fees - £17,100 ‘home’ students.
  • Stipend - £17,668
  • Travel fund – £2,200 (to fund attendance of relevant academic events)
  • Equipment fund - £1,700


The scholarships will be awarded to students undertaking the MSc in Artificial Intelligence in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh in academic year 2024 - 2025.

The criteria for non-international fee status (‘home’) applicants are:

  • ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom and qualify for UK fees (Fee status:;
  • identify as female;
  • and/or identify as Black or other minority ethnicity;
  • would not be able to take up the offer of admission without financial assistance;
  • and are studying, or have accepted an offer to study, for a full time programme in MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh in the academic year 2024 - 2025.


Please apply here:

DeepMind AI Scholarships | InfWeb (

Applications will be screened as they arrive and the candidates will be placed on a waiting list. The final decision will be made by the School once the candidates have received an offer for the MSc in Artificial Intelligence. The admission decision will not be linked to the applicant’s scholarship eligibility. Depending on the volume of applications, the selection panel may seek further information from candidates to aid their selection.

Please note that candidates who receive an offer of admission can ask Admissions using the link below to extend the deadline for their tuition fee deposit until the outcome of their DeepMind scholarship application is known.

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Undergraduate or Postgraduate Taught Enquiries

If you would like any additional information on the scholarships, please get in touch with Neil Heatley, Head of Student Services.

Neil Heatley