Scholarships and Student Funding

Principal's Career Development PhD Scholar Case Studies

Experiences of some of our current scholars and how the career development strands they have undertaken have enhanced their research and provided such excellent training opportunities.

Scholar: Cigdem Beyan

School: School of Informatics

Supervisors: Dr Bob Fisher and Dr Vittorio Ferrari

Career Development area: Teaching

Cigdem started her PhD research in IPAB: Robotics, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Animation in 2011. She came to Edinburgh on account of the reputation of the School of Informatics, her supervisor, and the PhD project which was advertised.

During her research degree her scholarship provided opportunities for her to be a teaching assistant, tutor, demonstrator marker and to attend the Institute of Academic Development courses for tutors and demonstrators. These experiences allowed her to improve her teaching skills and helped her to compare the education system in her home country of Turkey with the UK system.

Cigdem, who is currently applying to the Higher Education Academy to be an Associate Fellow, wants to continue her academic career by staying in academia as a lecturer and researcher. She hopes one day to establish her own research group.

Scholar: Maria Karampela

School: Business School

Supervisors: Dr Angela Tregear and Dr Susan Dunnett

Career Development area: Research and Teaching

Maria started her PhD in Management in 2011 and views the award of her scholarship as being the catalyst to come to Edinburgh. "It showed me that the University trusted me as a researcher and was ready to provide me with the necessary resources to develop my skills for a successful career."

Her scholarship allowed her to take part in some research projects such as reviewing a specific strand of literature, and to take part in conferences where researchers could meet, receive feedback and network. Other opportunities included being able to conduct tutorials; re-designing the curriculum for a vast range of tutorials; and assessing the coursework of students which also included providing written and oral feedback.

"The opportunities that were provided to me for my career development were tremendous and have allowed me to enhance skills that are considered crucial for an academic/research career, such as interacting with renowned researchers, being part of significant research projects, effectively facilitating students' learning."

Maria aims to pursue an academic career and has been offered a position as Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Strathclyde.

Scholar: Rosie Anderson

School: School of Social and Political Science

Supervisors: Dr Richard Freeman and Professor Liz Bondi

Career Development area: Public Engagement and Teaching

Rosie started her PhD in Politics in 2011 and was attracted to Edinburgh due to it's outstanding international reputation and the excellent reputation of her supervisor. The PCDS Award offered Rosie an interesting professional challenge and she liked the fact that it was explicitly aimed at developing your career and using skills that you have developed outside academic life.

Her career development activities in public engagement and teaching have allowed Rosie to be involved in running workshops and running an internship in collaboration with the Architecture department. Rosie also acted as a mentor along with a member of staff to an undergraduate from Architecture and another student from the School of Social and Political Science who were working on a mini consultancy project which sought to better understand how we articulate our welcome and brand to prospective students at Open Days.

Rosie hopes to find a position in an academic research organisation which has an interest in interdisciplinary and applied social research.

Scholar: Sarah Deters

School: Edinburgh College of Art

Supervisors: Dr Darryl Martin and Dr Annette Davison

Career Development area: Research

Sarah started her PhD in Music in 2011 and was attracted to studying at Edinburgh as it is the only English-speaking university that offres a PhD in the field of organology. The programme is well known and respected and supported by the world-renown collection of historic musical instruments under the University's care.

During Sarah's research she has been working at the Musical Instrument Museums in Edinburgh which is the historic instrument museums housed in St Cecilia's Hall and the Reid Concert Hall. She has assisted staff in research, collections management, and audience development of the museums. She has also assisted in the re-accreditation process of the museums, writing grant applications, and assisting in the redevelopment project of St Cecilia's Hall.

Much of Sarah's time so far has been spent on researching a collection of bagpipes acquired through a Heritage Lottery Fund grant. The culmination of the project included wiriting a catalogue of the collection and solo curating an exhibition. "This experience has been tremendous in helping me to grow as a museum curator. Having the opportunity not only to write an exhibition catalogue, but to curate an exhibition has taught me invaluable lessons that I will apply towards my future career, not to mention also becoming an expert in historic bagpipes."

Sarah plans to continue working with historical musical instruments in a museum setting.

Scholar: Gbotemi Abraham Adediran

School: School of Geosciences

Supervisors: Dr Bryne Ngwenya, Dr Barbra Harvie, and Dr Kate Heal

Career Development area: Teaching and Research

Gbotemi started his PhD in Geology and Geophysics in 2011 and was attracted to studying at Edinburgh because of its excellent academic research reputation.

He was given the opportunity as part of his award to acquire three years of teaching experience in four undergarduate modules - Soil, Water and Atmospheric Processes; Ecological and Environmental Analysis, and Sustainability; Society and Environment; Global Environmental Processes.

Gbotemi has acquired skills required for writing successful research grants and has been awarded three grants. He presented results from his research at the 7th International Workshop on Chemical Bioavailability in the Terrestrial Environment and SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting in Basel in Switzerland.

Scholar: Christopher Deans

School: School of Physics and Astronomy

Supervisors: Professor Richard Ball and Professor Luigi Del Debbio

Career Development area: Teaching

Christopher started his PhD in Physics in 2011. As he studied at undergraduate level at the University he knew the City and the department, and was aware of how the University has a very strong particle physics group.

The Principal's Career Development Scholarship provided Christopher with the opportunity to work alongside staff in teaching students. This involved a wide range of activities including preparing lecture notes, marking assignments, running revision sessions, and interacting directly with students.

" I found the experience very rewarding, and have gained confidence both in specific teaching skills and more generally in the process of transferring information."

Scholar: Calen Walshe

School: School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Supervisors: Dr Antje Nuthmann and Professor Martin Pickering

Career Development area: Teaching

Calen started his PhD in Psychology in 2011 and was attracted to Edinburgh by the quality of his supervisors work and the international reputation of the University.

Calen taught many courses during his time as a scholar and as a result he has seen his teaching strategies and skills improve. In one of his MSc level courses he was required to become competent in new material which has provided a benefit to his own research.

He has also learnt good time management skills in order to be able to manage his workload with his own academic responsibilities.

Calen is currently applying for post-doctoral research positions.