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India Merit Scholarship

Information about our India Merit Scholarship.

The University of Edinburgh has a strong history of global partnership, community and exchange. We uphold a tradition of celebrating diversity and embracing international students, who enrich the student body and the extraordinary educational experience we offer.  

The Scholarship Award 

The University is offering a new international scholarship for the most academically gifted Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Masters students applying from India. These awards cover £5,000 towards tuition fees for PGT Masters students studying on campus during the 2024/25 academic year. The Scholarships will be tenable for the first year of study only and will be automatically deducted from your student tuition fee balance.  

Eligibility Criteria 

The India Merit Scholarship will be awarded to any successful applicant who:  

  • Firmly accepts an unconditional offer to join any of the University’s full-time, on-campus PGT Masters programmes. If you are required to pay a programme deposit for your Masters programme, and you do not accept and pay the required deposit within the given time frame, then you will forfeit your scholarship offer as well as your programme offer 

  • Is domiciled in India at the time of application  

  • Has international fee status:

International Fee Status

  • Is either fully or partially self-funded  

  • Has achieved an undergraduate degree studied and awarded in India at the minimum level outlined in the table below. Please note, this table excludes graduates with dentistry and medicine degrees awarded in India, who will all be eligible for the Scholarship:  

Grading scale Award minimum Institution of Eminence and National Importance* 
4-point GPA  3.6 3.2
7-point CGPA  6.3 5.6
8-point CGPA  7.1 6.4
10-point CGPA  9.0 8.0
100% scale  80% 70%

*A list of Institutions of Eminence and National Importance can be found at:

Postgraduate entry - India

You will not be eligible for this scholarship if:  

  • You are fully sponsored by your employer  

  • You are already in receipt of a full scholarship or are awarded one at a later date  

  • You have already accepted, or subsequently accept, any other University of Edinburgh scholarship. If you are subsequently offered and accept another University of Edinburgh scholarship, you must let us know by contacting:

  • You are studying for an online degree  

  • You are currently already studying for a postgraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh within the 2023-24 academic year 

You can read the full Terms and Conditions for the India Merit Scholarship here:

Terms & Conditions

Application Process 

These Scholarships are automatically awarded to any student who has accepted an unconditional offer on a PGT Masters programme and meets the eligibility criteria outlined above. For entry into the 2024/25 academic year, the scholarship will be automatically awarded to every eligible unconditional offer holder who achieves the listed grades. No separate application is necessary, and the scholarship will be automatically applied to your student tuition fee balance.  

Please note that your CAS will show the full tuition fees for your programme of study. However, it will also note that you are the recipient of a scholarship, to the value of £5,000 that will be deducted from the full student tuition fees when you enrol at the University.  As this information will be included on your CAS, you do not need to include a letter confirming the India Merit Scholarship with your visa application.  More information about applying for a visa can be found on our website at:

 Applying for a visa


The University of Edinburgh will inform successful Scholarship applicants when they have been made an unconditional offer for an on-campus, full-time PGT Masters programme, and once the necessary administration has been completed. Notification times may vary, and take longer during busy periods.  

Contact Information  

Any queries about the scholarships should be directed to: