Scholarships and Student Funding

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and University of Edinburgh PhD Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh, in partnership with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan will be offering up to 36 partial-scholarships per year to Pakistani students wishing to enrol in PhD research programmes at the University of Edinburgh.

Award Details

The scholarships will cover the tuition fee rate at the Home/EU level cost with remaining tuition fee costs covered by the University of Edinburgh.

A partial stipend of £10,000 to contribute towards the scholar’s living costs, will also be provided by the HEC.

Please note that this stipend will not cover the scholar’s living costs in full and does not meet the level of financial support necessary to secure a UK visa. The scholar will therefore need to secure additional funding in order to be able to take up their studies at the University of Edinburgh. For further details of the requirements set out by UK Visas and Immigration, please see:

Subject Criteria

The scholarships will be available for PhD study across all three colleges of the University of Edinburgh, but will be dependent on the shortlist batch of candidates made by the HEC.  

How to Apply

  • Candidates should first of all put in an application to the HEC Pakistan under their 90% Overseas Scholarship Scheme or the Faculty Development Programme. This scheme has several calls for applications throughout the year, so please check their website for the details of the dates and subject criteria for each call. The University of Edinburgh are happy to support candidates with their research proposals and interested applicants should contact the relevant school. The HEC set out their own selection criteria, assessing candidates both on their merit and the relevance of their project to the current research and development needs of Pakistan. Full details of these criteria and the application process are available on the HEC website
  • Only once candidates have put in an application to the HEC and have been shortlisted by the HEC, they can then apply to the University of Edinburgh to secure admission.
  • Any shortlisted HEC candidate interested in applying to the University of Edinburgh for PhD research, must consult a supervisor in the first instance before submitting an application.  Full details on how to find a PhD supervisor can be found here.
  • All applications must be made online through our website. Full details of how to apply are available online.
  • Information on our research areas and PhD projects offered are also available online.
  • Those candidates successful in their application to the HEC can expect to be notified 3-4 months after the date of their application. 
  • Once a candidate has secured admission to the University of Edinburgh, The HEC will issue a Provisional Award Letter (PAL).
  • Once the Provisional Award Letter is issued, the candidate is required to apply for their visa in their required embassy, completing/preparing any documents outlined in the Provisional Award Letter.
  • Once all requirements/documents are complete, as requested by the HEC, the HEC will issue a Final Award Letter.
  • After receiving the Final Award Letter, the HEC scholar is eligible to commence PhD studies in either September or February of any given academic year.


For further information on the scholarships, please contact Edinburgh Global on: